TPX combines research-driven strategy, sales expertise and geo-targeting to monetize the Canadian podcast audience. We don’t make or sell content. We identify and nurture win-win scenarios, marrying the content Canadians are listening to with advertising and branding opportunities that have relevance to Canadian listeners.  

About Us

Jean Merie Heimrath

Jean-Marie Heimrath

Jean-Marie Heimrath is the President and CEO of TPX. An established thought-leader in the industry, Jean-Marie provides insight and passion to companies searching for a way forward in a constantly evolving marketplace. Jean-Marie's work includes partnerships with a broad array of enterprises with a particular emphasis in the media sector.  

Jeff Ulster

Jeff Ulster is TPX's Chief Content and Technology Officer. Jeff  is the owner of Ulster Media, an independent podcast consulting company. He's also co-publisher of The Canadian Podcast Listener: A Landscape Study. From 2011-2017, Jeff was the Director of Digital Talk Content for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Bob Kane, VP Sales TPX

Bob Kane

Bob Kane is the Vice President of Sales for TPX. An industry vet, Bob has held senior roles at networks, client side and agency side over his career. Most recently he sat at the genesis of creating award-winning solutions for advertising partners around CBC properties like Radio One Podcasts (with Jeff Ulster), CBC News and CBC Music. 

The Canadian Podcast Listener: A Landscape Study

The Canadian Podcast Listener: A Landscape Study

Who is the Canadian podcast listener?

Definitive data tells us more than we’ve ever known about Canadians' podcast habits and interests. TPX is pleased to share The Canadian Podcast Listener: A Landscape Study. It's a two-phased study of more than 4,000 Canadians, conducted by Audience Insights Inc. and Ulster Media, with support from The Globe and Mail.

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